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Commercial and Trading

Primary activities

Commercial and Trading enables South Sea Sailors Marine to capitalise on major business opportunities in a highly complex market. Our Commercial and Trading professionals play a fundamental role in creating added value for the company. we invest in training projects and continuing professional development, offering an international work environment and internal growth opportunities.

Following are the main positions in the Commercial and Trading areas

  • Key Account Managers
  • South Sea Sailors’s Key Account Managers handle partner relations, defining objectives and monitoring to ensure they are reached. They also analyse key commercial and technical KPIs, determining improvements to meet our objectives. Key Account Managers support partners with commercial and technical problem-solving and managing processes and systems. They are responsible for product and service sales, which may involve interfacing with internal departments and developing the assigned territory by scouting new potential partners. They also manage marketing and pricing analysis in the micro market, determining the contracts and permits needed to manage the company's assets.

  • Trader
  • Traders manage the purchase and sale of commodities and financial products, such as oil, products, derivatives, gas, power, CO2 and LNG. They implement purchase requests and negotiate with market counterparts to maximize the value of South Sea Sailors’s portfolio, always in compliance with the company’s code of ethics and procedures. Our traders share and manage structured products, carry out market making activities, analyse market trends and movements, and manage a proprietary trading book. Traders also maintain relationships with traders working in South Sea Sailors’s other office locations.

  • Other roles
  • - Raw Material Procurement Professionals
    - Interchange Contract Experts
    - Indirect Sales Channels Experts

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